The starting point of all significant change is mindset.

Re-Think and Re-Purpose

A strong brand binds us internally, and differentiates us externally.

How you view branded merchandise is as important as any marketing decision you make when considering its viability for building brand equity. If your perception of branded merchandise is that it's a "giveaway" or "swag" and is distributed with no real intended results or clear expectations of a return on investment, then you might consider eliminating it from your marketing toolbox. Or, you can call On Brand Promotions. We'll show how a strong brand strategy, creative thinking, and quality promotional materials can benefit and build your brand.

Marketing actions that consistently and compellingly convey your brand’s meaning and essence reinforce brand equity. The most important consideration in purchasing branded merchandise is to recognize the trade-offs between those marketing actions that fortify the brand and reinforce its meaning and those that do not. At On Brand, we know the difference.

If you're responsible for building and reinforcing your corporate brand, developing cost-effective campaigns supporting the company's strategy, or creating a motivated and engaged culture that delivers the brand promise...then On Brand Promotions is a company you're going to like.

50% of consumers kept a promotional product from 1 to 4 years.

Compare that to ANYTHING!!

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