The mind retains what is vividly imagined as well as what is vividly experienced.

Reframe to be Remembered.

Metaphors. Analogies. Parables. Symbols.

Traditionally, branded merchandise supports your brand by placing your message on an item, then delivering it to your target market. However, brands live in the hearts and minds of your stakeholders, customers, and employees. How do you deliver the essence of your brand (message)—who you are, and what you stand for? How do you communicate deeper meaning or simplify an otherwise complex idea? You tell them a story.

Then, you support the story with three-dimensional symbols that add insight and deeper meaning to assure your story is clearly communicated, and remembered. By integrating On Brand's MAPS© Discipline (Metaphors, Analogies, Parables, and Symbols) into you brand merchandise strategy you tap into the hearts and minds of all your stakeholders. It is a real difference in how you communicate with brand merchandise—the product not only carries the message, it becomes the message.

On Brand Promotions can help you craft and communicate your story in a compelling and creative way to all stakeholders. Call us and we'll tell our story.

89% of people receiving branded merchandise in the last 24 months can recall the name of the company.
Now that is long-term memory!

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