custom built for you

If we can draw it on a napkin, we can manufacture it for you.


It begins as an idea, and builds from there.

In a world full of products to choose from, you might think custom manufacturing isn't required. But often the right solution requires some new conceptual design thinking.

In this case, the gift of a popular item like a portable power supply is an easy deliverable. But power banks are pretty bland and hard to keep up with. Plus, it was a gift, so some extra pizazz was required.

The concept was to create a package that connects in a memorable way and helps manage the power bank and power cord, and be suitable for a high profile audience.

We begin with a few conceptual doodles to begin formulating a product solution.

Refining the Concept.

Once we have a potential product concept, we determine the best supplier partner to engage in the refining process. Typically, doodles are sent, brainstorming for solutions follows, and mostly we are able to better understand the costs associated with the project.

The combined effort typically results in one or two manufacturing directions, refined drawings of key concepts, material samples, and other presentation tools to present to the customer. The next step almost always includes a pre-production sample for client approval.



The manufactured product is delivered to the client.

Today's global market has streamlined the process, reduced risk, lowered production requirements, and shortened production time.

Many of our key suppliers manufacture in the US and overseas to offer complete flexibility in the manufacturing process.

On Brand Promotions can provide the conceptual thinking, the design talent, and the manufacturing know-how to build what you cannot find in a catalog.

Just give us a call.

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